I followed my heart to the Okanagan Desert

It pains me to advise that the Hermit Wine Company is going on a hiatus, mainly due to two successive winter freezes that decimated many Okanagan vineyards. These freezes significantly reduced the ’23 vintage and likely wiped out the ’24 harvest entirely. Our industry faces some hard truths, but I’m convinced we will emerge from this temporary setback by growing even better grapes and making better wines.

With our wine community in survival mode and quality grapes hard to come by, I have decided to pause production of my two red blends. I leave the door open for a comeback in a year or so once I have a better grip on vineyard sourcing and wine quality.

Thank you for supporting and believing in my wines.

Warm regards,


the hermit

After 40 years in the wine industry, it was time to throw away convention. Because you have to know the rules to break them.

I’ve long referred to the Okanagan as the Next World. But we’ve been stuck in old ways of thinking. I started the Hermit to dream it all up again.
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