New RMX Release

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

With the just-released 2018 RMX, Ingo Grady continues to bend the norm. With a light and nimble infrastructure, Ingo designs his Hermit wines in the nearby Kismet Estate Winery. His mantra? Wines that are delicious and evoke a fun, casual attitude; good juice, never stuffy; quality wines that deliver beyond their price.

As with the first RMX vintage, the freshness and vitality of this unorthodox GSM ‘remix’ are beguiling. 2018 RMX is all about the power of super-ripe Syrah (32%) and malbec (27%) mixed with Grenache (14%), Mourvedre (21%), and a trace of Viognier (6% in the blend from a co-ferment with the Syrah) to tie it all together.

RMX is only produced in tiny quantities (1,600 bottles). We farm the fruit manually, and all treatments and composts used in the vineyard are sustainable and reasonable.

A traditional maceration runs three to four weeks with pump-overs for aeration before the four different lots rest in a mix of stainless steel and used oak, depending on the grape involved, for twenty to twenty-four months. We assembled the final blend in January 2021 and bottled 136 cases on February 15th, 2021.

It is an elegant, easy-drinking wine with aromas of dark fruits and herbs. Like all of my wines, it manages all its intensity by remaining fresh and vibrant. While there’s no rush to drink this delicious red, it already yields immense pleasure.

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